11 thoughts on “NRL: Preliminary Final 2015 – Melbourne Storm vs North Queensland Cowboys FIGHT (26-09-2015)

  1. Lawrence Parkes

    Go Cowboys! 2017!

  2. Lawrence Parkes

    I remember it well….my team v my wife's team. You could slice thw atmosphere with a knife that night.

  3. Samuel Gamato

    Koroibete is an undisciplined player, smh ?

  4. Jack Kennedy

    Why doesn't that surprise me smith always has something to say the dumbass

  5. Henry cruz-ma

    Cowboys were very good last year well done on the premiership win

  6. Henry cruz-ma

    Actually about the second game it was 16-8 not 18-6 my bad mistake

  7. Henry cruz-ma

    This year the storms and Cowboys met again and we beat them three times
    15-14, 18-6 and 16-10
    Storms are the best

  8. Tyrell Williams

    koroibete wouldve gave him a hiding if it was 1 v 1

  9. that was a grab at 2.15

  10. jake loughnan

    those were punches from felt at 2.15

  11. Kirsten Chinn

    Ahhhaahhaa the commentary….stare's angrily at eachother ? I'm a storm supporter & I'm not even mad that they lost after that comment…highlight of my night

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