Brisbanr Roar FC were shed in bad light when information was made to the public that the club was owing players and coaches their wages.

The club has now issued a public statement to the cause.

The A-League outfit used their official twitter handle to manage the damage the news could do to the brand. Tweeting from @brisbaneroar, the statement reads:

“All Hyundai A-League players, coaches and administration staff of the club have been paid. In addition, superannuation payments for all players, coaches and administration staff are up to date.”

The news caused a lot of reaction from fans and members of the public, so the managing director of the club Daniel Cobb met with officials of Football Federation Australia (FFA) to discuss the issue. It is public knowledge that the Indonesian based owners of the club, the Bakrie Group have been in the market for buyers for at least a year now.

After the meeting, both parties issued a statement regarding the issue to calm nerves. Cobb said: “I have briefed the FFA [Football Federation Australia] and PFA [Professional Footballers Australia] to assure them that player, coach and administration staff wages and superannuation are up to date. Today’s meeting with FFA was brought about by a default from the Bakrie Group on the recapitalisation of the club.

“I agreed to come in as Managing Director in order to stabilise the club on the condition that a 1.1 million dollar injection in to the club was provided on July 1st 2016. As of today in regards to that payment, only $405,000 has been provided. This has a significant impact on the club moving forward and in particular our move to Ballymore,” Cobb added.

The FFA confirmed that the payment have been made, but added that it has instructed Cobb to resolve the issue with the club owner. It asked that the club be sold if possible to ensure smooth operations.