Brisbane Roar 4-0 Sydney FC | FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Round 2

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The Ray Of Hope For Brazil With Kaka’s Return


Kaka has been called back to join the national team again. The disheartening loss in the world cup to the Germans has been very humiliating. Brazil needs and wants a fresh start and is looking forward to get over a gloomy day. It has come to be known that the former FIFA World Cup player of the year has been very excited on having heard from the team. He says that he felt very elated and special to have been chosen after such a long time and being away from the game. He is like the bright light for Brazilians and he never fails to give high moments to them. He had the best smile and flashed his brilliant white teeth on hearing the news.

There is a match due in Beijing, China while the Brazil has rebuild its team and has prepared itself with new members. They are now full with the positive vibe that they needed and are all set to take down their old enemy Argentina. There are the famous players like Lionel Messi and Neymar on one hand and the other Kaka. He has still been able to grab all the enthusiastic welcome and wishes from all among all the players. There have also been some popularity stakes that have been put up on some local websites. These polls have also revealed that Kaka is some distance ahead all the younger rivals and upcoming talent.

Kaka has been working very hard and seems to be getting ready to play against Messi and his team. It is believed that Kaka has evolved as a player after the crushing defeat at the South Africa World Cup in 2010 where they lost to Netherlands. Kaka has said that he would just play his part and then it is upon the team manager and he would respect his decisions.

Round 9 Brisbane City v Brisbane Roar Yth

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Pre-season 2012: Peninsula Power vs. Brisbane Roar


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Brisbane Roar 2-1 Melbourne Heart | FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Round 25

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Melbourne City Aiming For Top Position


Brisbane Roar is the defending champions of the Australian League but they will be facing tough competition in the next season especially arriving from Melbourne Heart which was bought by Manchester City earlier in the beginning of the year in January and new signings have been made.

David Villa is one of the high profile players that were signed by Melbourne Heart until the name was eventually changed to Melbourne City. In the previous campaign of the Australian League, Melbourne City managed to secure a spot in the middle section of the tables but this time around the club is aiming for a top position.

The Irish winger Damien Duff is another fairly well known player that will be helping Melbourne City in their quest of taking away the league title from Brisbane Roar but even with all of these changes and signings, the head coach of Brisbane Roar Mike Mulvey said that he is not worried about any of his opponents in the league and instead of being frightened, the English manager is excited about the start of the season.

Brisbane Roar’s Mike Mulvey said: “It’s very exciting. You’d think David Villa will have the time of his life. He’ll play 10 games in Australia. I think we play them twice, so I’m excited about that and looking forward to that.

“I’ve got no concerns. I look forward to pitting ourselves against them. We’ve had Alessandro Del Piero here over the past few years, and you saw the effect that had on Australian football. It globalized Australia. I think the likes of Manchester City coming in and taking over Melbourne City is fantastic but we’re secure because we’ve got the salary cap,” he said. “It’s not open slather, it’s not about who’s got the biggest check book. It’s who can put together the best squad and perform the best’’

Pre-season 2011: Rochedale Rovers vs Brisbane Roar


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Congratulations Brisbane Roar!


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Ronaldo Plays For Love Of The Game


Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has sensationally claimed that he no longer keeps track of his bank balance because he is more concerned about winning trophies. The Portuguese international managed to win the Champions League title for the second time in his career after Real Madrid managed a 4-1 win over Atletico. He has already lifted the Champions League title with Manchester United in his career, but after several disappointments in the finals, this is his first major title this year.

Ronaldo is reportedly the second-highest paid player in the world at a weekly salary of just under £ 300,000. The star has admitted that he did have a difficult upbringing because his parents did not have a lot of money. Now, though, he is happy that he has enough money for the rest of his life. The 29-year-old has also stated that he wants to be considered as one of best players in the world when he retires from football. He says that the likes of Diego Maradona and Pele are remembered even now for their achievements on the field.

Ronaldo has also dismissed fears that he may retire in the next few years by saying that he wants to go on playing until the age of 40. “I don’t know how much money I have. It’s not the money that moves me. It’s true that at first it did, when I had nothing. Then I wanted to have money for me and my family because I was raised with nothing, we were very poor. I had no toys or presents at Christmas. I love football. It’s my life. Without football, I don’t know what to do. I have seven or eight years left. Maybe more. If my legs allow me to play until 40, I want to play,” said Ronaldo.